BF220: Jeffrey Marsh

On this supersized episode of Bearded Fruit, we talk with LGBTQ writer, activist and icon Jeffrey Marsh. We talk about growing up in a small farming town in Pennsylvania. We wonder what Saturn thinks of us. And we get a healthy dose of the incredible kindness, love and generosity that makes Jeffrey Marsh an indelible … Continue reading BF220: Jeffrey Marsh

BF219: Queerness and Disability with Andrew Gurza

This week, we talk to disability awareness consultant and cripple content creator Andrew Gurza. Andrew's podcast "Disability After Dark" is an essential listen for anyone interested in queer podcasts, and we're thrilled to have him on Bearded Fruit to talk about his work. #disabilityafterdark #disaybled How to find Andrew Gurza: Website:  Twitter: Patreon: … Continue reading BF219: Queerness and Disability with Andrew Gurza

BF216: Bearded Fruit Live! – Identity as Activism

The first "Bearded Fruit: Live!" was recorded live at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Downtown Hartford, Connecticut on February 17, 2017. For our first live show, we invited three really special people to join us: Mark Richards, the reigning Mr CT Bear; Shona Curtis, a queer photographer who’s stunning portrait exhibit “To Be Real” … Continue reading BF216: Bearded Fruit Live! – Identity as Activism

BF215: Kink and Queerness

This week, new Bearded Fruit David Easaw returns! David and I share our story of visiting The Leather Man in NYC (and getting our first tastes of BDSM). And we talk about the intersections of kink and queerness. Article Link:  Let us know what you think of this week’s episode on Facebook, Twitter, email or … Continue reading BF215: Kink and Queerness