We want Bearded Fruit to be more than a podcast. We want to build a community — a powerful community of like-minded queer people of all stripes, committed to building a world that respects people of all identities.

So… join us!

askadadwebASK A DAD
Ask a Dad is Bearded Fruit’s advice column, answered by our resident dad, Cody. This is a tongue-in-cheek column answering anything and everything about life, love and sex. Have question? Send it in via email or call it in at (860) 785-0633.


This year, we are expanding the format of our episodes to include guests and interviews from queer people everywhere. If you’ve got a story, business, or creative body of work you want to share on the podcast,let us know. Email us or call in at (860) 785-0633. We’d love to have you on!