This week, David Easaw officially joins Bearded Fruit! In the first episode of the Easaw Era, we dig into all the ways guys are “problemathicc” online — particularly in ways surrounding our bodies.

Let us know what you think of this week’s episode on FacebookTwitteremail or our call-in line 860-785-0633.

3 thoughts on “Problemathicc

  1. I was disappointed that in this episode HIV wasn’t addressed viz. having an HIV+ status or ‘the look’. I am new at your podcast; perhaps you addressed it already – or it is a request for a future episode. I look forward to hearing more of your podcast.


    1. Hi there! Yes, we are planning that for a future episode.

      We try to steer clear of leading conversations about experiences that aren’t our own, and in this episode we should have done a better job of clarifying that. We do take this to heart, and will be filling in that story gap soon.

      Thanks for listening! Spread the word about us to other folks in your circle!


  2. I really enjoy your podcasts, but i find myself yelling at the radio (i listen in the car). Sometimes i simply don’t agree with your opinions, and sometimes you guys generalize.
    Great show though.


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