If you liked this week’s episode, here are two books you might want to check out:

By Michael Kimmel

What It’s About: Kimmel takes a look at the new social and cultural pathways young boys take on their way to adulthood. Examining what seems to be a move toward a lingering boyhood, Guyland tries to break down what “manhood” means today and beyond.

Why We Like It: We’re culturally (finally!) having a conversation about toxic masculinity, and Kimmel’s book helps us understand the social and cultural trends that are nurturing it.

Reservations: The books skews to the white male experience, so it’s safe to assume (as it often is) that trends in communities of color are radically different.


51ocbuuao8l-_sy344_bo1204203200_BI: NOTES FOR A BISEXUAL REVOLUTION
By Shiri Eisner

What It’s About: Shiri Eisner gives us a comprehensive look at bi culture and bi politics. It not only sheds light on a culture that often experiences erasure, but it also shows how bisexuality as an identity can challenge a host of social conventions.

Why We Like It: Bi identity is either hidden in our culture, or fetishistically represented in our media. Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution gives us a valuable window into the complexity and diversity of bi identity and politics. It’s a fabulous read.

Reservations: None.

Check out this week’s episode, BF208: No Homo, and subscribe to the podcast!

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