unnamedNAME:  Floyd Rumohr
ORGANIZATION:  Brooklyn Community Pride Center

ABOUT FLOYD: Floyd has been an organizational leader, teacher, author, consultant, and founding president and CEO of a nonprofit organization described by Mayor Mike Bloomberg as “one of the most effective arts education programs” serving New York City. Following over two decades of arts and interim executive leadership for organizations in transition, he is now delighted to serve the LGBT+ community of Brooklyn.

ABOUT THE BROOKLYN COMMUNITY PRIDE CENTER: Incorporated in 2008 and granted 501(c)(3) status in 2009, the Brooklyn Community Pride Center was founded to respond to the growing needs of Brooklyn’s LGBT+ community. Our vision is to become Brooklyn’s premier network of programs and services for the LGBT+ community of New York City’s largest borough.

Why is LGBT activism still so important?
Just like with the civil rights movement in the 60s, legislative victories are extremely important but the cultural battles continue — especially for LGBT+ people of color and transgender nonconforming folks who continue to be victimized.

What’s an important issue facing the LGBT community that we aren’t addressing as well as we should?
Transgender nonconforming rights and protections. I strongly believe that those of us who benefited from legal protections, especially white gay men, have a moral imperative to champion the rights and positive life-affirming perceptions of people of color, women, and all those on the gender fluid continuum.

What inspires your activism?
The LGBT+ people of Brooklyn.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give LGBT allies to be better and stronger allies?
Imagine a planet where the whole world was lesbian, gay, by-sexual, transgender, nonconforming, gender fluid, two-spirit, and you are sexually binary with no attraction whatsoever to a gender resembling your own. What would that feel like that? We feel something like that everyday from the moment we’re born. It’s getting better, but the high rates of suicide, sexual abuse, and brutal attacks continue. Every ally makes us less alone on for what feels like for many a very lonely planet.

What’s one simple action that readers could do today that would positively impact the LGBT community?
Here are three: Stand up and speak out publicly in support of LGBT+ rights; come to our Centers as allies; and donate some money to our causes.

You can support the work of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center by making a donation here:

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center is also challenging LGBT friends and allies to the 2020 Vision Challenge. Check it out! It’s fun and will help the Center continue their amazing work in Brooklyn!

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